5G edge opportunities
are enormous. Are you
getting the total value?

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Learn how to save 75% in TCO with a new report from ESG

The analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group completed a quantitative and qualitative economic analysis of Wind River Studio to determine its cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and ability to deliver innovation for 5G edge deployments, and found significant cost advantages compared to competing solutions.

ESG compared the deployment of Wind River Studio to 5G edge clouds with competitive options and considered the challenges faced at the far edge which include: the need for a smaller footprint for systems, lower latency, and the ability to enable advanced 5G applications.

Learn how:

Using fewer nodes, and fewer cores per node, results in 67%–75% cost savings and more compute power to deliver 5G services.
Infrastructure with latency up to 2265μs faster than competing solutions increases DU to RU ratio, resulting in the need for fewer data centers to cover more towers
Lower power consumption reduces power and cooling savings up to $5,600 per year per site. $5.6M in savings across 1000 edge sites.

Video: See report highlights with ESG & Wind River